With the exception of third-party items (e.g. labs, imaging, and devices), all services listed and described below are included for members of the practice at no additional cost. You can find more information on pricing here.

Intake Medical Evaluation

In order to gain a full picture of your health, Dr. Kornweiss will conduct a thorough intake interview, physical exam, and will obtain your past medical records. All of this information will be carefully reviewed and will be used to synthesize a report that neatly and thoroughly summarizes your past, present, and future health concerns.

Laboratory Evaluation

As a member of this direct care practice, you will enjoy access to lab testing from multiple labs at wholesale prices. This means that you can easily take advantage of affordable labs to closely track important and impactful biomarkers.

Nutrition Tracking & Analysis

Dr. Kornweiss focuses heavily on nutrition and nutritional biochemistry to improve long-term health. Members of the practice will be encouraged to log their nutrition from time to time for analysis and individualized feedback.

Exercise & Mobility

Members of the practice will be encouraged to maintain and improve their metabolic health and longevity with exercise. Individualized exercise plans are included. Members also receive access to premium content on


The practice utilizes biometric devices and services to gain insights into individual physiology. Devices utilized include continuous glucose monitors, cardiac monitoring devices, and exercise & sleep trackers.

Direct Access

Members are able to directly contact Dr. Kornweiss by email, text message, phone call, and video conference. Same and next-day appointments are almost always available.

Home & Office Visits

Members who live or work within a 25 mile radius of downtown Greenville, SC will enjoy complementary visits at their home or place of business. Virtual visits are complementary and unlimited for all clients.


Procedures such as wound care, laceration repair, minor fracture care, point-of-care ultrasound, and administration of intramuscular & intravenous medications are complementary except for the cost of the medication itself.


Medication prescriptions can be sent to any pharmacy of your choice. The practice prefers to use Valisure, an online pharmacy that sells only batch-tested (for safety and efficacy) generic medications.

Specialists & Referrals

Dr. Kornweiss has relationships with experts in many fields of medicine. He is able to obtain second-opinions and referrals for his clients, often within an expedited time-frame.

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