Monthly Membership Fee: $300

Membership in the practice is maintained by paying a monthly fee. The fee is automatically charged to your account or card on file on the 25th of every month. The membership fee covers the cost of all in-house services but not third-party services like labs, devices, imaging, and medications.

Cancel and Re-enroll Free of Charge

You may cancel and re-enroll at any time as long as you are in good standing and there is space in the practice. There are no fees associated with cancellation or re-enrollment.

Transparent Pricing (i.e. no surprises)

There are no additional fees for in-house services beyond the monthly membership fee.

Third-Party Expenses

Third-party expenses such as labs, imaging, devices, and medications are NOT included in the monthly membership fee. However, in many cases, the practice is able to secure wholesale pricing or discounts on these items for members. You may also choose to use your insurance for medical expenses like labs, imaging, and medications if you prefer.

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