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The Story of Jeff Henigson


Jeff Henigson was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of fifteen. He was told the cancer would kill him within a few years. Thirty-five years later, Jeff’s miraculous and fascinating survival story was published online. After his story became public, he was contacted by a neuropathologist.

Here is part of their conversation as reported in The Washington Post:

“I felt compelled to reach out because it is simply so unusual that you survived anaplastic astrocytoma.”

“‘So I’ve been told.’ I’d seen dozens of neurologists over the years at some of the top medical institutions on both U.S. coasts. They had all said essentially the same thing. The average life expectancy for a brain tumor like mine was two to three years.”

“And yet despite this being extraordinary, you nevertheless believe that this is what you have managed to survive?”

“My head jerked back. ‘Excuse me?’”

“I am asking you.”

“I was close to hanging up. ‘What exactly are you asking me?’ I said.”

“I am sorry. I am perhaps not clear. English is not my first language.” He paused. “May I share a story with you?”

“I sighed and rolled my eyes. ‘Tell me your story.’”


I highly recommend reading the article in full to see how this story ends.

When you’re done reading the article, you’re going to feel compelled to get your hands on your own medical records.


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Get The Blood Work You Want Without A Doctor’s Order


I wrote a new article about direct-to-consumer lab services.

In the article, I share my thoughts on lab testing and I link to a Facebook post in which I discuss some of the reasons that physicians hesitate to order certain tests. Then I review two of my favorite direct-to-consumer lab services. I compare their prices to each other and to lab prices within my medical practice.

The article is a 4 minute read.


· · · Article on J&J Vaccine


An analysis of the J&J vaccine data is on my to-do list, but for now, here is a link to the best article I’ve seen yet on the topic. One reason that I like this article is that it references the primary vaccine research report. This is an important feature to look for when assessing the reliability of medical journalism. Ideally, everyone should analyze primary research, but this isn’t always possible. So, the next best thing is to read an expert commentator who, at the very least, has an awareness of the source material on which they’re commenting.

Read the article.


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