The Wealth of Selection

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“There was an air of luxury about the room, but it was the luxury of expert simplicity; she noted the costly furniture, carefully chosen for comfort, bought somewhere at a time when luxury had still been an art. There were no superfluous objects…This was Mulligan’s concept of wealth, she thought—the wealth of selection, not of accumulation.”

— Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Discussion with Danielle Miller, MD on Functional Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

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I wrote up a case from a patient of mine who was diagnosed and successfully treated for functional hypothalamic amenorrhea. A colleague of mine who specializes in fertility wellness helped me a great deal with this case. She and I got together on Zoom to discuss details of the case. I hope you enjoy the video and the show notes.

Should You Get a Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test?

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There are several different companies now offering Multi-Cancer Early detection tests. The test I am writing about today is the Galleri test by GRAIL. This test works by looking for methylation patterns on cell-free DNA in blood samples. The test generates one of two possible results: “Cancer Signal Detected,” or “Cancer Signal Not Detected.”