Tracking Nutrition

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Eating is a very automated, habitual process. After decades of eating a certain way, I’ve found that it is extremely challenging to make long-lasting significant changes to my diet. For me, and clients that I work with, tracking helps bring the process of eating into the conscious mind. This article explains how to track your nutrition using an app called Cronometer.

Covid-19 Q&A

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This is a Q&A of the biggest questions I’ve received from friends, family, and clients over the past 2 weeks. I talk about masks, transmission, prevention, and I get into detail about one treatment which has made big headlines.

The United States Is Not Comparable to Italy

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The threat of the novel coronavirus is heterogeneous. People are talking about the United States as if it were an individual who could be infected. Our country is a big place. Individuals are spread heterogeneously within the country with varying density and local factors. The healthcare system is equally heterogeneous. Imagine a small farming community and its one hospital versus a densely populated area like NYC with its many hospitals. We need to a more nuanced thought process.

We Are Looking at the Wrong Numbers

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Everyone is looking at today’s numbers to see how bad things are in the US. But, given a ~1 week incubation period, and that the disease becomes severe or critical on day ~7 of symptoms, our numbers of critically ill patients today reflect infections contracted two weeks ago.