Write Your Own Last Act

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I’d like to approach my end with tranquility and dignity, to exert my will up until my last breath, to leave a legacy of strength and pride rather than fear and self-pity.

I am doubtful that if I were faced with my own mortality at this moment that I would live up to such grand expectations, which is why I wanted to highlight two inspiring stories that were in the news this week.

Get the Blood Work You Want Without a Doctor’s Order

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My opinion is that the proper role for physicians in diagnostic testing is to make professional recommendations, not to be gatekeepers. Fortunately, you’re no longer dependent upon physicians to order lab work. Direct-to-consumer labs are available at affordable prices, and there is an increasing array of options.

The Story of Jeff Henigson

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Jeff Henigson was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of fifteen. He was told the cancer would kill him within a few years. Thirty-five years later, Jeff’s miraculous and fascinating survival story was published online. After his story became public, he was contacted by a neuropathologist.

How to Communicate With Your Doctor to Get a Timely and Accurate Diagnosis

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This article takes you behind the scenes of the medical interview.

When you’re done reading, you’ll know why your doctor asks certain questions, what sort of answers they’re looking for, and what they’re thinking about while you’re talking. Once you know all of this, you can learn to communicate more effectively with your doctor.

Efficient and effective communication will improve your rapport, save time, and improve the chances of your doctor making early and accurate diagnoses.